Cultivate Lancaster

Branding, print, and digital design for a platform connecting entrepreneurs with local business resources.


Business resources are often in good supply, but navigating and accessing them can be a daunting task.

Cultivate Lancaster, originally known as Cultivate Lancaster Entrepreneurship Coalition, formed as a merger between an event and a coalition effort, both geared toward helping entrepreneurs collaborate and connect with the business community around them. The growing need for small business support led to a strategic plan (for Cultivate) to increase their presence in the community and create better access for even the most (least) (in)experienced of startups.


Cultivate’s strategic plan highlighted a need for a redesigned logo with a versatile identity system and a website designed for logical navigation across any device. We designed a logo to represent the Lancaster community in the most digestible way possible, but one that could also stand apart from others that play on county shape as a mark. Building the identity system around this, the elements within it expanded on what was previously used to keep a sense of familiarity. The redesign of the website created an elevated experience that directly engages with users and is capable of guiding different kinds of visitors to find the resources they need for an efficient brand experience.



  • Consulting
  • Naming
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Research
  • Art Direction


  • Logo Design
  • Identity System
  • Layout
  • Website
  • Illustration
  • Lettering


  • Print
  • Digital
  • Communication
  • Packaging
  • Environmental
  • Campaign
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