Imagine Goods

Sustainable identity system and print design empowering a fashion brand that empowers artisans through sustainable employment.


Skilled artisans, marginalized by society and made vulnerable through human trafficking, continuously being empowered with sustainable work and liveable wages.

This is the strong case for the growing support of Imagine Goods and their products. To continue this success and apply the brand to an expanding line of goods, they were in need of an identity as cohesive as the products they sold with the versatility to be recognizable in any application.


The existing logo was very familiar to customers, providing value to the identity. We didn’t want to lose that familiarity, so the logo was approached as a refresh instead of a total redesign. The new design kept the overall concept intact with structural changes to typography and the needle feature for a cleaner aesthetic. Alternate logos were created using these redesigned details for a versatile system. The new identity was developed using the same tactic, referencing existing colors and typography for the updated system with the addition of new elements. This paved the way for new print materials, product applications, and updates to their website while keeping the heartbeat of the brand intact.



  • Consulting
  • Naming
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Research
  • Art Direction


  • Logo Design
  • Identity System
  • Layout
  • Website
  • Illustration
  • Lettering


  • Print
  • Digital
  • Communication
  • Packaging
  • Environmental
  • Campaign

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