The Yellow Tulip Project

Smashing the stigma surrounding mental illness through a new identity for a youth-driven organization that spreads awareness, placing the symbol of hope at the forefront of their mission.


There is no normal when it comes to mental illness but it is surrounded by a common stigma.

The Yellow Tulip Project exists to bring awareness to this issue by encouraging conversations about mental illnesses in everyday life, or as they put it, “Smashing the Stigma.” With a bold mission to take on a serious topic, the organization was in need of an identity that was professional and cohesive, but also approachable and inviting, and could reflect their message towards a broad audience. The organization needed this paired with a website to align with the redesign, enhancing the experience for new and familiar users alike.


Most of the audience, new and familiar, interacts with The Yellow Tulip Project through their website. So that’s where our work began. We redesigned and restructured the content, creating an engaging and user-friendly experience with the most valuable information being easiest to find. We then developed visual pieces of the site into an identity. The logo design became an evolution of the symbolic yellow tulip mark, fondly known as Taffy, and complemented the remaining identity elements effortlessly. With the completed new identity, future additions to the site or other materials created became more consistent and aligned with the core messaging that’s imperative to the mission of the organization.



  • Consulting
  • Naming
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Research
  • Art Direction


  • Logo Design
  • Identity System
  • Layout
  • Website
  • Illustration
  • Lettering


  • Print
  • Digital
  • Communication
  • Packaging
  • Environmental
  • Campaign

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